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My background is in business, finance and information technology. A decade ago, I would have never guessed that I one day be Bill Mollison farm manager and run several permaculture businesses. My first contact with permaculture was back when I was learning as much as I could about agriculture and climate so that I could profit by speculating in commodity futures.

Meanwhile, ICE released a statement claiming cheap moncler that it "takes the health, safety and welfare of those in our care very seriously, and we continue to monitor the situation"."Currently, no one at the T Don Hutto detention centre was identified as being on a hunger strike or refusing to eat," said ICE.Parker said that most of the detainees are from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, where female homicide rates rank first, second, and seventh, respectively, inmulberry bag outlet the world, according to United Nations figures.In an October 2015 report, the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) painted a grim picture of life for women subjected to gang and domestic violence, who are fleeing by the thousands.Women fleeing those countries endured "harrowing experiences of rape, assault, extortion and threats by members of the murderous street gangs", the UNHCR report concluded.In T Don Hutto and similar facilities, cheap michael kors many of the women are unable to access or afford legal counsel and have to represent themselves in their asylum cases, despite not speaking English fluently.The situation is doubly difficult for immigrants who have been deported from the US in the past, said Parker, explaining that they are often detained for longer periods and face a higher threshold for proving their need to attain asylum.Speaking to Al Jazeera michael kors discount on the condition of anonymity, a member of the community who has been visiting the detainees for the last two years, explained that "several of the women are extremely ill", as the hunger strike moves forward."I've met with people who are escaping political and criminal violence, and others who are being denied asylum even though they are facing serious domestic violence," the source said, adding that many of the louboutin pas cher women have been in T Don Hutto for more than a year."The women are scared, and they see others being sent back to certain death," the source said. "When you ask for asylum, you're basically saying your home country is unable or unwilling to protect you."T Don Hutto is one of more than 22 for profit immigrant detention centres run by private contractors in Texas. Similar facilities dot the map of the US..fz5/21

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